The Best Period Underwear Brands To Keep You Feeling Fresh All Day.

The idea of reusable period underwear is not new, but it is still a novel concept in the Western world because it has not been successfully marketed to the general population. The idea behind reusable menstrual underwear is that women can wear them during their menstrual period and then wash them afterwards, instead of having to purchase tampons or pads for their entire cycle.

Reusable menstrual underwear is made of a material that absorbs blood, and they can be washed. These panties have been available since the long years ago but they’re seeing a resurgence of interest as more companies are making them. There are many benefits to this type of underwear including saving on waste, cost and convenience.

What are some challenges faced by the implementation?

Unmoda period underwear is an ethically produced, sustainable product that comes in all sizes.

Unmoda is a fair trade, ethical underwear company that provides sustainable underwear and is designed to meet the demands of people with different body types. This company offers period underwear in all sizes, but is also a sustainable company because they donate 10% of profits to environmental charities.

Reusable period underwear may take some adjustment from consumers, especially those who are uncomfortable with getting up close and personal with their own blood. In addition, they may be more time- and energy-intensive than other menstrual products such as tampons or pads. Reusable period panties also often come as a set of six pairs which can feel like an expensive investment considering that

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