Submitting Your Website to Search Engines

If you have a web-based business or a significant portion of your business is done on the web through your website, the best advertising and marketing is done by submitting to a search engine. No amount of press releases, newspaper or radio ads, banner ads, spam emails or newsletters will achieve the same results, even if they are perhaps only a small amount effective. Beware of companies that promise automatic submission of your website to hundreds of search engines which are just false promises. The best way to submit your website for search engine ranking and inclusion is to do it yourself or hire an expert to do it manually, by contacting companies and search engines. Before you start submitting your website to search engines, make sure your websites are completely designed to professional quality using the right keywords, good graphics and images, and relevant content. Do not submit incomplete websites. When submitting to a search engine, be sure to provide information about your website, keywords, and any other information that might be relevant, including your business name and contact information. Simply submitting to search engine companies does not guarantee that your site will immediately be listed and ranked high.Because there are thousands of new websites popping up every day and it might take them a while to get your site reviewed by human editors. An important factor to remember when submitting your site is to include a sitemap of your website that makes it easy for web crawlers to crawl. Search engines such as “” hardly consider submissions without sitemaps. There are many companies online that accept search engine submission services. You can choose to do it yourself with a software package and service like this: .mc_id=google:{ifsearch:search}{ ifcontent:content}:{creative}:essay:{keyword} andWT.srch=1 Or if you want professional help try the following: Do not use automatic submission services. Here is a list of the most popular search engines and directory companies: Search Engines AltaVista Google, HotBot Excite / Webcrawler Directory AOL Search Inktomi Lycos Open Directory MSN, Yahoo! LookSmart Snap In addition to the above, there are thousands of search engines and directory companies, where you can submit your website to as many companies as possible.The following links provide information on other search engines and directories: /blsearchenginetableofcontents.htm

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