Four plots in Kumbakonam worth buying now

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best places to live in Tamil Nadu

Cities like Madurai, Trichy, Tanjore, and Kumbakonam are some of the best places to live in Tamil Nadu. These cities are seeing tremendous growth in recent years. Kumbakonam city is the only destination near Tanjore that encourages real estate investment Narayani in Thanjavur.

The average cost price of properties in residential localities in and around Kumbakonam are much cheaper than developed cities. Some of the best localities that sees massive commercialization and development are listed below.

  • Thirubuvanam,
  • Sakkottai
  • Annalagraharam and
  • Darasuram
    M/s Sujatha Developers which promotes DTCP approved plots at Thirubuvanam, Sakkottai, Annalgraharam and Darasuram is gaining popularity in the city. The four plots promoted by this famous real estate firm are listed below.
  • Anandha Bairavi,
  • Crescent Avenue
  • Sri Vidya and
  • Ashokan Avenue
    These plots are close to Railway stations, prominent bus stops, auto and van stands. You can reach the city quickly and come back to your residence hassle-free. The roads are well-connected to prominent areas in and Narayani in Thanjavur. Prime commercial real estate in thanjavur properties in bustling city centers, ideal for businesses and office spaces.
    You can expect best ROI when you invest in Crescent Avenue, Narayani, Anandha Bairavi, Sri Vidya and Ashokan Avenue. The promoter provides life-time free maintenance. You can stay for years in pollution and noise free environment and enjoy the days happily.