Factors to consider before buying Plots in Kumbakonam?

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buying a plot in Kumbakonam

Are you planning to buy DTCP approved Plots in Kumbakonam? It is a welcome decision. Before buying a plot in Kumbakonam city, there are certain critical factors you must keep in mind.

  • Topography, soil and location
  • Sale and title deed.
  • Area and value of the plot.
  • DTCP approval letter given by the authorities.
  • The authenticity of the land and morale of the seller.
  • Verification of Encumbrance certificate
  • Industries and factories near the plot.
  • Future prospects and development

If possible, you should inspect the land physically and evaluate the pros and cons of it. You should also engage the services of senior lawyer who has vast experience in real estate business. It is safe if the plot is constructed according to vaastu. You can hire experienced vaastu expert in this respect.s Nationalized banks are extending loans facilities to plot buyers which comes at attractive rates of interesting. You can apply for plot loans and repay it in monthly instalments. You should always buy approved Plots in Kumbakonam which are located in developing area.  Check whether schools, educational institutions, and transportation facilities are available near the plots. Do not pay the down payment until you are mentally satisfied.