Buying plots is a profitable business – True or not?

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The advantage of buying DTCP approved plots in Tanjavur is reselling value. Compared to well-flourished cities, the cost of DTCP approved plots in Tanjavur is much cheaper. You can start the construction immediately after registration of your plots and quickly move to your new home with family members.

If you come across hoardings or advertisements like land for sale in Thanjavur, you must enquire details like.

  • The name of the promoter
  • The cost price and deals
  • The size of the land
  • Location
  • East facing land and Vasthu compliance
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Buying DTCP approved plots from reputed plot promoters like M/s Sujatha developers is a profitable venture. The promoter offer free plot maintenance for years. M/s Sujatha offers plenty of services like.

  • Arranging home loans to prospective customers
  • Free site visit services
  • Low cost EMI options
  • Deals and discounts of lands

The DTCP approved residential plots promoted in developing areas like Annalgaraharam, Sakkottai, Crescent and Ashoka Avenu guarantees best ROI in the future. M/s Sujatha developers will plant profit-yielding plants like teak, rosewood, sandal and oak real estate in Thanjavur.

Tanjavore is a developing city which witnesses commercial growth. When you buy a property in Tanjavur and sell it after few years, you can make huge profits out of them.